Director General and the Executive Group

The secretariat of SALAR is managed by Vesna Jovic, Director General, who is responsible to each of the Association's committees for the day-to-day running of the Association.

Vesna Jovic, Director General

Vesna Jovic

The Executive Group: Vesna Jovic and each Head of Division

Fredrik Lennartsson is head of the Health and Social Care Division, which covers issues regarding health and medical care, elderly care and other social care (with the exception of financial aid), public health, issues relating to disabled persons, patient security and development and quality issues.


Foto på Per-Arne Andersson

Per-Arne Andersson is head of the Education and Labour Market Division, which is in charge of issues relating to schools and preschools, staffing and recruitment, employment, the labour market, integration, staffing incentives/financial aid.


Foto på Per-Arne Andersson

Gunilla Glasare is head of the Growth and Community Development Division, which is responsible for matters relating to growth, local and regional development, infrastructure, environment and energy, safety and security, planning and building, culture, external and internal IT.


Foto på Gunilla Glasare

Jenny Birkestad is head of the Digitalisation Division. The Divisions activities aim to achieve smart ways of working and better digital welfare services within Swedish local authorities and regions.

Foto på Per Mosseby

Annika Wallenskog is Chief Economist for SALAR and head of the Economy and Governance Division. The division is responsible for issues relating to the community organisation, division of duties in society, democracy, socio-economic analysis, analysis of data regarding the activities, finances and staff, overall responsibility for governance and management - and management issues, statistical support for methods, gathering statistics.

Foto på Bettina Kashefi

Agneta Jöhnk is head of the Employer Policy Division, which covers issues related to wage bargaining agreements, salaries, pensions and insurance, labour law, working environment and health matters.


Foto på Agneta Jöhnk

Germund Persson is head of the Legal Affairs Division, which covers issues from a municipal, civil law and tax law perspective. Areas might include municipal competence and self-government, publicity and confidentiality, but also EU law and specific branches of law, e.g. procurement, social services, schools, property, environment, local government infrastructure, IT and e-commerce.

Monica Björklund Aksnes is head of the Communication Division and responsible for matters relating to information, internal and external communication, public opinion, the media and business intelligence.


Foto på Monica Björklund Aksnes

Lena Dahl is head of the Administrative Division, which covers internal personnel, financial and administrative functions as well as administrative support to the association's political leaders and elected representatives with international assignments.

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