Economy and Governance Division

This division works with democracy and self-government, community organisation, management and governance, auditing, local government finances and statistics and key performance indicators regarding staff, activities and finances.

Section for Democracy and Governance

Focuses on democracy and governance, division of public responsibility, development of local democracy, leadership, systems of control, procurement, accounting, auditing, EU constitutional affairs, Council of Europe.

Section for Economic Analysis

Municipalities and county councils finance their activities with taxes, central government grants and charges. There is a considerable need for prompt, accurate and reliable status reports for the various sources of funding - in both the long term and the short term. This section has members of staff who are experts in local government finances.

Section for Statistics

This section is above all responsible for the production of personnel statistics and statistics regarding the financial affairs and activities of county councils. It aims to ensure that all statistics of interest to municipalities, county councils, regions and other relevant parties are compiled and processed in line with their needs. These statistics represent an important foundation for the Association's monitoring activities in various areas. They should be readily available and facilitate the monitoring, analysis and benchmarking of activities.

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