Employer Policy Division

The division operates as the secretariat for the employer organisations within the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) and for the employer association Pacta. It is expected to fulfil this role in close co-operation with other divisions and sections at SALAR.

Delegation for negotiations and board of directors

The delegation for negotiations of the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions - which also makes up the board of the employer association Pacta - determines the strategic direction of the Employer Policy Division's activities. The delegation for negotiations and Pacta's board are appointed by the Association's board and comprise seven members and seven deputies. The delegation for negotiations has its own activity plan and budget. The Division serves as the secretariat of the delegation for negotiations.

Organisational concept of the employer association Pacta

Pacta is the employer association for municipal associations and companies which, regardless of their ownership, wish to have local government agreements. Ownership is not the defining criteria for membership in Pacta, but rather the type of agreement wanted by the company. By having the same collective bargaining agreement for municipal associations and companies, regardless of ownership, as those in place for municipalities and county councils, it is easier to agree on a common employer policy. Organisational or ownership changes are made simpler.

Objectives and target groups


The Association's objectives as an employer organisation are, among others:

  • to secure industrial peace by reaching centrally negotiated agreements
  • to ensure that centrally negotiated agreements are in line with social and local government economic parameters
  • to contribute to improvements in the efficiency and productivity of its members' activities

These objectives will enable us to help our members become stronger in their role as employers and to provide them with even more opportunities to identify solutions across the entire spectrum of employer policy. Our aim with this approach is to increase our target fulfilment in all activities.

Target groups

The primary target groups of the division are elected representatives and employees with overall responsibility for matters of employer policy, i.e. local government boards, administrative committees, municipal and county council directors, personnel managers, negotiating managers, finance and administrative managers, as well as people in similar positions whose employers are members of Pacta.

The target group in certain matters may also be statisticians, labour law specialists, or managers with responsibility for the labour market, equality, integration or personnel.

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