Growth and Community Development Division

The Growth and Community Development Division covers a number of issues concerning our daily welfare, such as economic growth, local and regional development, infrastructure, environment and energy, safety and security, planning and housing, culture, leisure, property and traffic matters, as well as strategic questions regarding the information and communications technology.

Section for Infrastructure and Property Management

  • Road safety
  • Infrastructure, transport policy and air traffic
  • Publicly funded transport
  • Energy issues
  • Water supply and sewage systems
  • Public properties
  • broadband/infrastructure
  • e-administration, eID
  • Geographical information systems

Section for Planning, Security and Envirionment

  • Environmental health, supervision
  • Sustainable development
  • Physical planning
  • Local and regional development planning
  • Regional development, EU's cohesion policy
  • Town twinning

Section for Local and Regional Development

  • Culture
  • Leisure and sport
  • Local and regional development
  • Tourism, industry
  • Civil society
  • Rescue services
  • Research and Development
  • Safety and security

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