Legal Affairs Division

The activities of the Legal Affairs Division include

  • Monitoring interests in relation to the government and the EU
  • Negotiations with organisations representing trade and industry or other stakeholders
  • General services to municipalities, county councils and regions in the form of information provided in circulars and other publications
  • Assignments for individual municipalities, county councils and regions. These could involve legal proceedings in a general court or an administrative court. We also give advice on specific legal matters
  • Advice on matters concerning the day-to-day administration
  • Training covering new developments in legislation and the law
  • Processes of development and change in specific areas of law.

Who can use our services?

Our services are available to the elected representatives and employees of municipalities, county councils and regions and to companies owned by municipalities or county councils. The political majority and the political minority are of course both entitled to use our services.

Why use us?

We can offer advice and take on assignments and are able to combine these services with training and the monitoring of interests. This enables us to gain a good overall picture of the area of law concerned and acquire specialist knowledge of the specific legal problems that affect municipalities, county councils and regions. In other words, we are specialists in the legal affairs of municipalities, county councils and regions.

Areas of law

Our expertise covers virtually all those areas that could affect municipalities, county councils and regions and their companies under Swedish law and Community law.

Public law

The Local Government Act, administrative law, public access to information and confidentiality, archiving issues, personal data protection legislation, public records legislation, education legislation, social welfare legislation, the Swedish Act on Support and Services for Certain Disabled Persons (LSS), health and medical care law, dental care law, medical products law, biobank legislation, the Planning and Building Act, environmental law, law relating to waste disposal, water and sewerage and wastewater disposal law, etc.

Private law

Public procurement, competition issues, contract law, law of tort and damages, law of insurance, law of associations, land law, law of tenancies, law of leases, construction disputes, law relating to debt recovery, copyright law, etc.

Other law

Taxes, law relating to the chief guardian that is of relevance to municipalities, county councils and regions and Community law that is not linked to any of the above-mentioned areas of law.

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