The International Committee

The Committee is responsible for international relations, general issues related to the European Union, representation by local and regional politicians in international organisations, as well as coordinated action in the EU and international affairs.

SALAR's International Committee is chaired by Ilmar Reepalu, the City of Malmö, and consists of seven members and seven deputies.

The links on this page go to the website of the relevant municipality and county council/region.


Ilmar Reepalu (S)
City of Malmö

Lars Persson

Annika Tännström (M)
Region Västra Götaland

Alexander Wendt (M)
Blekinge County Council

Anders Rosén (S)
Halmstad Municipality

Johan Rocklind (S)
Gnesta Municipality

Carina Bengtsson (C)
Ljungby Municipality

Yoomi Renström (S)
Ovanåker Municipality


Hampus Magnusson (M)
City of Gothenburg

Helena Proos (S)
Enköping Municipality

Filip Reinhag (S)
Region Gotland

Ann-Margarethe Livh (V)
City of Stockholm

Pär Löfstrand (L)
Östersund Municipality

Erik Slottner (KD)
City of Stockholm


Lena Malm (S)
City of Gothenburg

M, moderaterna: the Moderate Party
KD, kristdemokraterna: the Christian Democrats
L, liberalerna: the Liberal Party
C, centerpartiet: the Center Party
S, socialdemokraterna: the Social Democratic Party
V, vänsterpartiet: the Left Party

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