European Charter For Equality of Women and Men in Local Life

The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) in 2006 launched the European Charter For Equality of Women and Men in Local Life. SALAR supported the declaration that same year and encourages its member organisations to do the same.

In February 2019 105 municipalities and most regions in Sweden have done so, alongside 1 800 other organisations around Europe. The declaration constitutes a political commitment to giving inhabitants equal services, to encourage equal rights for workers and to work for equality for female and male politicians.

One of the founding principles of the declaration is that the equal participation of men and women in political decision making is a necessity for a democratic society. Those who have signed the declaration commit to enabling a representative distribution of men and women at all levels of decision making.

Several of the 30 articles in the declaration have bearing on the work around threats, hate and violence against elected politicians:

Article 2: Political representation

Article 21: Safety and security

Article 22: Gender based violence

The declaration has its own webpage where you can read more about goals and activities to reach the articles in the declaration.

The declaration


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