Human rights education and learning

Free online introduction to human rights and commissioned education and learning with a trainer from SALAR.

Free online introduction to human rights

Together with Uppsala University SALAR has developed an online human rights education to enhance knowledge about human rights and the responsibilities of the public sector to respect, protect and fulfill human rights. To address the local and regional level there are specific case studies with films, questions to discuss etc.

Some municipalities have already started to use the education broadly in their organizations among employees as well as politicians. Several parts are translated into Sweden´s official minority languages and translation to English is under way.

The Webb-based education is free for everyone to use.

Webb-based education: Introduction to human rights (in Swedish)

Commissioned education and learning with a trainer from SALAR

During 2017 another human rights education is developed as a complement to the online training. This will be offered to municipalities and regions who want a trainer from SALAR to come to them, either to hold a lecture or conducting a longer workshop, with the aim to
enhance knowledge and understanding of the role that the local and regional level
can play to respect, protect and fulfil.

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